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29 Apr 2016
Research article |  | 29 Apr 2016

Static behaviour of induced seismicity

Arnaud Mignan

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Induced seismicity risk analysis of the hydraulic stimulation of a geothermal well on Geldinganes, Iceland
Marco Broccardo, Arnaud Mignan, Francesco Grigoli, Dimitrios Karvounis, Antonio Pio Rinaldi, Laurentiu Danciu, Hannes Hofmann, Claus Milkereit, Torsten Dahm, Günter Zimmermann, Vala Hjörleifsdóttir, and Stefan Wiemer
Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 20, 1573–1593,,, 2020
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Influence of reservoir geology on seismic response during decameter-scale hydraulic stimulations in crystalline rock
Linus Villiger, Valentin Samuel Gischig, Joseph Doetsch, Hannes Krietsch, Nathan Oliver Dutler, Mohammadreza Jalali, Benoît Valley, Paul Antony Selvadurai, Arnaud Mignan, Katrin Plenkers, Domenico Giardini, Florian Amann, and Stefan Wiemer
Solid Earth, 11, 627–655,,, 2020
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Origin of the power-law exponent in the landslide frequency-size distribution
Ahoura Jafarimanesh, Arnaud Mignan, and Laurentiu Danciu
Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci. Discuss.,,, 2018
Revised manuscript not accepted
Utsu aftershock productivity law explained from geometric operations on the permanent static stress field of mainshocks
Arnaud Mignan
Nonlin. Processes Geophys., 25, 241–250,,, 2018
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A tri-stage cluster identification model for accurate analysis of seismic catalogs
S. J. Nanda, K. F. Tiampo, G. Panda, L. Mansinha, N. Cho, and A. Mignan
Nonlin. Processes Geophys., 20, 143–162,,, 2013

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Subject: Time series, machine learning, networks, stochastic processes, extreme events | Topic: Solid earth, continental surface, biogeochemistry
Stability and uncertainty assessment of geoelectrical resistivity model parameters: a new hybrid metaheuristic algorithm and posterior probability density function approach
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Application of Lévy processes in modelling (geodetic) time series with mixed spectra
Jean-Philippe Montillet, Xiaoxing He, Kegen Yu, and Changliang Xiong
Nonlin. Processes Geophys., 28, 121–134,,, 2021
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Seismic section image detail enhancement method based on bilateral texture filtering and adaptive enhancement of texture details
Xiang-Yu Jia and Chang-Lei DongYe
Nonlin. Processes Geophys., 27, 253–260,,, 2020
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A fast approximation for 1-D inversion of transient electromagnetic data by using a back propagation neural network and improved particle swarm optimization
Ruiyou Li, Huaiqing Zhang, Nian Yu, Ruiheng Li, and Qiong Zhuang
Nonlin. Processes Geophys., 26, 445–456,,, 2019
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Induced seismicity is a concern for the industries relying on fluid injection in the deep parts of the Earth’s crust. At the same time, fluid injection sites provide natural laboratories to study the impact of increased fluid pressure on earthquake generation. In this study, I show that simple geometric operations on a static stress field produced by volume change at depth explains two empirical laws of induced seismicity without having recourse to complex models derived from rock mechanics.