Articles | Volume 30, issue 4
Research article
21 Nov 2023
Research article |  | 21 Nov 2023

Superstatistical analysis of sea surface currents in the Gulf of Trieste, measured by high-frequency radar, and its relation to wind regimes using the maximum-entropy principle

Sofia Flora, Laura Ursella, and Achim Wirth

Data sets

HFR-NAdr (High Frequency Radar NAdr network) Laura Ursella, Branko Čermelj, Matjaž Ličer, and Simone Martini

Short summary
An increasing amount of data allows us to move from low-order moments of fluctuating observations to their PDFs. We found the analytical fat-tailed PDF form (a combination of Gaussian and two-exponential convolutions) for 2 years of sea surface current increments in the Gulf of Trieste, using superstatistics and the maximum-entropy principle twice: on short and longer timescales. The data from different wind regimes follow the same analytical PDF, pointing towards a universal behaviour.