Articles | Volume 28, issue 4
Brief communication
03 Nov 2021
Brief communication |  | 03 Nov 2021

Brief communication: Lower-bound estimates for residence time of energy in the atmospheres of Venus, Mars and Titan

Javier Pelegrina, Carlos Osácar, and Amalio Fernández-Pacheco

Data sets

Global energy budgets and ’Trenberth diagrams’ for the climates of terrestrial and gas giant planets P. L. Read, J. Barstow, B. Charnay, S. Chelvaniththilan, P. Irwin, G. J., S. Knight, S. Lebonnois, S. R. Lewis, J. Mendonça, and L. Montabone

Short summary
The atmospheres of Venus, Mars and Titan are similar to the atmosphere of Earth. We wanted to find out the value of the residence time of energy in these three atmospheres. We estimated the energy contained in a column of air. From experimental data, we deduced the value of the energy inflow and outflow. From these data, the time of residence of the energy is calculated. This parameter gives a timescale of the response of the planetary atmosphere against global perturbations.