Articles | Volume 21, issue 1
Research article
10 Jan 2014
Research article |  | 10 Jan 2014

Tidally induced internal motion in an Arctic fjord

E. Støylen and I. Fer

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Kjersti Kalhagen, Ragnheid Skogseth, Till M. Baumann, Eva Falck, and Ilker Fer
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The Polar Front in the northwestern Barents Sea: structure, variability and mixing
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Dynamical reconstruction of the upper-ocean state in the Central Arctic during the winter period of the MOSAiC Expedition
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Technical note: Turbulence measurements from a light autonomous underwater vehicle
Eivind H. Kolås, Tore Mo-Bjørkelund, and Ilker Fer
Ocean Sci., 18, 389–400,,, 2022
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The mesoscale eddy field in the Lofoten Basin from high-resolution Lagrangian simulations
Johannes S. Dugstad, Pål Erik Isachsen, and Ilker Fer
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