Articles | Volume 15, issue 4
27 Aug 2008
 | 27 Aug 2008

Turning the resistive MHD into a stochastic field theory

M. Materassi and G. Consolini

Abstract. Classical systems stirred by random forces of given statistics may be described via a path integral formulation in which their degrees of freedom are stochastic variables themselves, undergoing a multiple-history probabilistic evolution. This framework seems to be easily applicable to resistive Magneto-Hydro-Dynamics (MHD). Indeed, MHD equations form a dynamic system of classical variables in which the terms representing the density, the pressure and the conductivity of the plasma are irregular functions of space and time when turbulence occurs. By treating those irregular terms as random stirring forces, it is possible to introduce a Stochastic Field Theory which should represent correctly the impulsive phenomena caused by the spece- and time-irregularity of plasma turbulence. This work is motivated by the recent observational evidences of the crucial role played by stochastic fluctuations in space plasmas.