Articles | Volume 18, issue 5
Research article
07 Sep 2011
Research article |  | 07 Sep 2011

A chaotically driven model climate: extreme events and snapshot attractors

T. Bódai, Gy. Károlyi, and T. Tél

Abstract. In a low-order chaotic global atmospheric circulation model the effects of deterministic chaotic driving are investigated. As a result of driving, peak-over-threshold type extreme events, e.g. cyclonic activity in the model, become more extreme, with increased frequency of recurrence. When the characteristic time of the driving is comparable to that of the undriven system, a resonance effect with amplified variance shows up. For very fast driving we find a reduced enhancement of variance, which is also the case with white noise driving. Snapshot attractors and their natural measures are determined as a function of time, and a resonance effects is also identified. The extreme value statistics of group maxima is found to follow a Weibull distribution.