Articles | Volume 17, issue 5
10 Sep 2010
 | 10 Sep 2010

Local scaling property of seismicity: an example of getting valuable information from complex hierarchical system

Q. Li and G.-M. Xu

Abstract. In order to get valuable information about the scale invariance in the process of seismogeny of Lijiang M 7.0 earthquake, the scaling property of the interevent time series of the seismic sequences for Lijiang area in China were studied by using the method of the local scaling property, the generalised dimension spectrum, and the correlation dimension. It is found that there is a clear characteristic variation of local scaling property prior to Lijiang M 7.0 earthquake while there is no characteristic variation of the generalised dimension spectrum and the correlation dimension. The reason for producing this phenomenon is that the fractal seismic system is a complex hierarchical system. For such a system, searching for a relevant choice in application of the three methodologies is needed. Compared with the generalised dimension spectrum and mono-fractal dimension which focus on the global description of the scaling properties of fractal objects, the local scaling property emphasizes the local features, and can give the local information of the singularity of the fractal system, therefore, it is easier for us to get valuable information from complex hierarchical structure with this method.