Articles | Volume 15, issue 6
16 Dec 2008
 | 16 Dec 2008

Comparative rainfall data analysis from two vertically pointing radars, an optical disdrometer, and a rain gauge

E. I. Nikolopoulos, A. Kruger, W. F. Krajewski, C. R. Williams, and K. S. Gage

Abstract. The authors present results of a comparative analysis of rainfall data from several ground-based instruments. The instruments include two vertically pointing Doppler radars, S-band and X-band, an optical disdrometer, and a tipping-bucket rain gauge. All instruments were collocated at the Iowa City Municipal Airport in Iowa City, Iowa, for a period of several months. The authors used the rainfall data derived from the four instruments to first study the temporal variability and scaling characteristics of rainfall and subsequently assess the instrumental effects on these derived properties. The results revealed obvious correspondence between the ground and remote sensors, which indicates the significance of the instrumental effect on the derived properties.