Articles | Volume 15, issue 4
26 Aug 2008
 | 26 Aug 2008

Projection of compact fractal sets: application to diffusion-limited and cluster-cluster aggregates

F. Maggi

Abstract. The need to assess the three-dimensional fractal dimension of fractal aggregates from the fractal dimension of two-dimensional projections is very frequent in geophysics, soil, and atmospheric sciences. However, a generally valid approach to relate the two- and three-dimensional fractal dimensions is missing, thus questioning the accuracy of the method used until now in practical applications. A mathematical approach developed for application to suspended aggregates made of cohesive sediment is investigated and applied here more generally to Diffusion-Limited Aggregates (DLA) and Cluster-Cluster Aggregates (CCA), showing higher accuracy in determining the three-dimensional fractal dimension compared to the method currently used.