Articles | Volume 15, issue 4
30 Jul 2008
 | 30 Jul 2008

Asymmetric multifractal model for solar wind intermittent turbulence

A. Szczepaniak and W. M. Macek

Abstract. We consider nonuniform energy transfer rate for solar wind turbulence depending on the solar cycle activity. To achieve this purpose we determine the generalized dimensions and singularity spectra for the experimental data of the solar wind measured in situ by Advanced Composition Explorer spacecraft during solar maximum (2001) and minimum (2006) at 1 AU. By determining the asymmetric singularity spectra we confirm the multifractal nature of different states of the solar wind. Moreover, for explanation of this asymmetry we propose a generalization of the usual so-called p-model, which involves eddies of different sizes for the turbulent cascade. Naturally, this generalization takes into account two different scaling parameters for sizes of eddies and one probability measure parameter, describing how the energy is transferred to smaller eddies. We show that the proposed model properly describes multifractality of the solar wind plasma.