Articles | Volume 17, issue 5
Review article
08 Oct 2010
Review article |  | 08 Oct 2010

ROMA (Rank-Ordered Multifractal Analyses) of intermittency in space plasmas – a brief tutorial review

T. Chang, C. C. Wu, J. Podesta, M. Echim, H. Lamy, and S. W. Y. Tam

Abstract. Intermittent fluctuations are the consequence of the dynamic interactions of multiple coherent or pseudo-coherent structures of varied sizes in the stochastic media (Chang, 1999). We briefly review here a recently developed technique, the Rank-Ordered Multifractal Analysis (ROMA), which is both physically explicable and quantitatively accurate in deciphering the multifractal characteristics of such intermittent structures (Chang and Wu, 2008).

The utility of the method is demonstrated using results obtained from large-scale 2-D MHD simulations as well as in-situ observations of magnetic field fluctuations from the interplanetary and magnetospheric cusp regions, and the broadband electric field oscillations from the auroral zone.