Articles | Volume 16, issue 3
11 May 2009
 | 11 May 2009

Deep bore well water level fluctuations in the Koyna region, India: the presence of a low order dynamical system in a seismically active environment

D. V. Ramana, A. Chelani, R. K. Chadha, and R. N. Singh

Abstract. Water level fluctuations in deep bore wells in the vicinity of seismically active Koyna region in western India provides an opportunity to understand the causative mechanism underlying reservoir-triggered earthquakes. As the crustal porous rocks behave nonlinearly, their characteristics can be obtained by analysing water level fluctuations, which reflect an integrated response of the medium. A Fractal dimension is one such measure of nonlinear characteristics of porous rock as observed in water level data from the Koyna region. It is inferred in our study that a low nonlinear dynamical system with three variables can predict the water level fluctuations in bore wells.